Friday, April 1, 2011

Introductory Post

  "Art By Bojana Coklyat" will be a blog following art events I participate in, my private artwork as well as public(murals, commisions, festivals, etc...), my work at St. Joseph's School for the Blind and any tv/newspaper/online coverage that may come up. This blog will provide a deeper insight into what's behind my art by providing a specific space to post a picture of a current project and then a full length description. Although I DO prefer viewers of my art to find their own meaning, I know sometimes my own interpretation as the artist can be a nice to that! All questions are welcome and I'm excited about creating more of a connection with the people interested in my artwork.

  Whether or not you're a man or a woman I think you can relate to my work as we've all had struggles of some kind. I draw from feelings of loss, whether it be vision loss or a brutal break up. But, like when we go through these things, it's not all serious all the time. My paintings reflect that, with whimsical references to movies, music or just silly stuff I hear people say. Sometimes a happy portrayal of a person is made crushingly sad by words like,"Loneliness is a guarantee." Or a seemingly sad painting is lightened up by a phrase such as,"Asps, very dangerous! You go first."(from Raiders of the Lost Ark". What does that even mean, you ask? Send me an email or maybe the answer will come up eventually.

  For now I'll break down the current goings on in my little island of art:
Participated in five group art shows in March including Women's History Month exhibit at Jersey City City Hall, Rotating Galleries opening reception or their new gallery in Union City, "In the Eye" show at LITM, "Vernal Solstice" at Shampoo JC, and "Freeze" exhibit at Arthouse Production which is having the closing reception today, April 1st from 7pm to 9pm.

Also currently working on a gigantic mural in Jersey City local chiropractor, Brian Corrigan's office.
Guest speaker and spotlight artist for NJCU's "People's With Disabilities Month" event April 20th

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  1. Hello! I just saw an article about your work on Yahoo, and was so encouraged by the work you are doing!!! I'm an elementary art teacher in Nashville,TN. I do not have blind students at my school(though we have many other exceptional education students with a variety of situations)...but have had students with extreme vision problems in the past. Would love to see some of the projects you are doing with your students. Many blessings! -Ted Edinger.. aka Mr. E from Art With Mr. E